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I owe it to my country to do my part to make America better. Better for my children, for my grandchildren and better for all future generations. At the core of making American better is the fundamental question of whether every American has an equal chance. Not a preferential chance, but an equal chance. I believe strongly in the principles of individual responsibility, fairness and merit. In America, fundamental principles ought to matter. And, there is not more basic than the right to equal treatment under the law. To prevail, we have to develop a national base of supporters, and it is my hope that you join our effort to create an America that judges only on the merit and content of one’s character, not by race or skin color.


Ward Connerly, President
** For any contribution of $200 or more, I will also send you a free copy of Lessons from My Uncle James. Both a memoir and a moral guidebook. Lessons is a touching, funny and ultimately profound book about living a principled and productive life.

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WARD, I encourage you to press on in your valiant campaign to end state sponsored racial preferences across the nation. To help The American Civil Rights Coalition end affirmative action in Missouri, Arizona, and around the nation. I want to make the following donation.

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* For any contribution of $100 or more to end affirmative action, I will send you a FREE copy of my best-selling book, Creating Equal. In it, I share my story about growing up in Louisiana during segregation and of how I eventually wound up in California fighting to end affirmative action.